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Welcome to the Mamahood After Trauma Podcast, where healing meets motherhood. I’m Emily Cleghorn, a trauma-surviving mama of 2, and I’m here to support you on your journey of mamahood while healing childhood wounds. Join us as we navigate the ups and downs of parenting, while also prioritizing our own healing and growth. This podcast is your go-to resource for tools and support as you navigate the complexities of parenting in the aftermath of trauma. Through candid discussions and insights, we’ll explore how to find grace and ease amidst the challenges of healing trauma while raising little ones. You’re not alone in this journey. Let myself and our guests share stories, insights, and practical tips for creating calm connections with yourself and your littles. Together, we’ll find strength, healing, and joy in the beautiful chaos of mamahood after trauma. For more information, visit

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7 days ago

Have you ever felt like a part of you was frozen in time, trapped in the past while the rest of you moved forward? For trauma survivors navigating motherhood, that sense of being pulled in two directions is all too familiar – a tug-of-war between the present joy of nurturing life and the echoes of pain that still linger.
But what if those echoes hold the key to unlocking a deeper sense of wholeness and becoming the mother you strive to be? This candid conversation dives into the often-overlooked intersection of trauma recovery and motherhood through the lens of Laura's personal journey.
Despite her best efforts to leave the past behind, she found herself grappling with intense emotional triggers in the early years of parenting – from the panic of letting her children play at others' homes to crippling travel anxiety that left her, quite literally, soiled. Yet her resilience shines through as she guides you to:
• Recognize when you're caught in a trauma loop by tuning into your body's signals
• Release the pressure of arbitrary timelines and give yourself permission to fully feel
• View recurring triggers as renovation, not relapse – opportunities to address trauma's impact methodically
• Model emotional intelligence by giving yourself space to process difficult feelings in healthy waysLINKS:Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: Get FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit:

Tuesday Jul 09, 2024

In the darkest depths of our experiences, trauma can leave invisible scars that ache long after the wounds have healed. For survivors walking that arduous path, the weight of the past can feel suffocating – each breath an anguished battle as the darkness threatens to extinguish hope's faint flicker forever.
But what if even the dimmest spark still burns within?
This powerful conversation follows one woman's courageous journey harnessing the gentle remedies of homeopathy to reclaim her inner light from the grip of PTSD. Through raw vulnerability, Kathryn Berg shares over two decades of hard-won wisdom walking alongside countless trauma survivors as they navigate:
Understanding how trauma physically alters the brain, validating your experiences
Channeling emotions through creative outlets to process the unimaginable
Practical first steps for embarking on your unique path to post-traumatic growth
The critical importance of feeling difficult emotions, despite the pain it brings
How surrounding yourself with compassionate community bolsters healing efforts
Links: Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit: 

Tuesday Jul 02, 2024

Are you in the midst of processing grief and feeling anger or rage bubbling to the surface but aren't sure how to handle those emotions? This conversation with Faith Sage may help you to navigate those emotions. Links:Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit:

Friday Jun 28, 2024

Have you ever felt like an outsider in your own family? Like the very people who should offer unconditional love are the ones inflicting deep emotional wounds? For many mamas, toxic in-law relationships can feel like a suffocating weight, each interaction an arduous battle to protect their boundaries and inner peace.
If this resonates, you're not alone. In this raw, candid conversation, one mama courageously shares her journey through the turmoil of strained family ties. Despite enduring years of emotional upheaval, her resilience shines as a beacon of hope, guiding the way to reclaiming your power.
Through profound vulnerability and hard-won wisdom, you'll gain:
Powerful Strategies for Nurturing Your Marriage
- Learn how to foster open communication that reinforces you and your partner as a united front- Discover tools for navigating differing in-law relationships while staying true to your core values - Understand the critical importance of validating each other's experiences without judgment
Insights for Safeguarding Your Children
- Powerful reminders that your sacred role is shielding little ones from collateral damage- Practical tips for maintaining honesty while limiting exposure to toxic behaviors- Examples of how to prioritize your child's emotional well-being above all else
Guidance for Breaking Free from Resentment
- Explore methods for releasing anger and bitterness through radical self-compassion- Learn how to interrupt the cycle of hurt by meeting yourself with kindness - Understand why forgiveness is an inside job, not dependent on others' actions
Inspiration for Reclaiming Your Self-Worth
- Reminders that you have agency in choosing the family dynamic that serves you best- Stories illustrating that your boundaries and inner peace should be the top priority- Insights into separating your self-worth from external validation or approval
As the host shares, "At the end of the day, you know what you're presenting is the truth. And it's uncomfortable, but having that comfortability in yourself will keep you going."
Are you ready to step into your power and manifest the healthy family bonds you deserve? Let this mama's resilience be your guide, lighting the path forward one brave step at a time.Links: Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit: 

Tuesday Jun 18, 2024

In the thick of motherhood, it's all too easy to feel suffocated by the weight of past traumas. The darkness clings like a stubborn shadow, each day an arduous battle to keep that inner light flickering. For survivors walking the path of healing, that sense of being trapped can feel inescapable – a waking nightmare where hope seems an impossible dream.
But what if the faintest spark still burns within, waiting to be fanned into an unstoppable blaze?
This powerful conversation follows Caitlin's courageous journey from a childhood wracked by abuse to becoming a teenage mom still grappling with trauma's grip. Despite enduring unimaginable pain that once threatened to extinguish her light forever, her resilience shines through as she vulnerably shares her path to reclaiming herself.
Through the rawness of Caitlin's experiences, you'll gain insight into:
Why surrounding yourself with an understanding community is critical for sustaining healing efforts
How reparenting your inner child helps cultivate more empathy and patience in your own parenting
Practical first steps for beginning – or restarting – your healing journey, even after setbacks
The vital importance of feeling your emotions fully, however excruciating that may feel
Maintaining faith that freedom from the past's hold awaits when you persist
"Don't give up," Caitlin shares from hard-won wisdom. "Recovery is possible. You are worthy just because of who you are." No matter how formidable the road ahead may seem, her vulnerability and resilience prove an unshakable truth: the power to reignite that inner fire lives within you.
Are you ready to fan the faintest flicker into an unstoppable blaze of healing? Let Caitlin's story inspire you to keep taking courageous steps forward, one at a time.Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit here

Friday Jun 14, 2024

As a mama, have you ever felt the weight of past trauma casting a shadow over even the joyful moments with your little ones? The emotional turmoil can leave you grappling to understand your triggers, struggling to find that peaceful presence you so desperately crave. But what if you could finally break free from that grip and reclaim your strength?
In this candid conversation, Emily gets real about her personal journey learning to regulate her nervous system amidst the chaos of colic, acid reflux, and the constant noise of young children. Despite the overwhelm, she found a path to healing by tuning into her body's signals and uncovering the root memories fueling her triggers in the present. You'll gain insight into:
• Developing emotional awareness by creating a safe space to feel your feelings without judgment• Identifying your unique emotional triggers and the questions to ask for reframing• Practical first steps to begin your journey of nervous system healing
As Emily shares, the numbing of difficult emotions in childhood created a disconnection from herself. But by turning inward with curiosity, not condemnation, she began to recognize how past trauma was manifesting physically. "We have the choice, the task of learning how to regulate our our kids don't pick up our habits of blowing up [or] stuffing emotions."
Healing your triggers is about more than just feeling better in the moment. It's about breaking the cycle for the next generation by modeling emotional regulation. It's building the skills to respond from a place of peaceful presence, not reactivity. And it's the inspiration that despite the tangles of the past, a joyful, connected mamahood is possible when you do the inner work.
Are you ready to untangle the knot of trauma and step into the warmth of emotional freedom? Let this raw, relatable conversation be your first step toward reclaiming your peaceful presence as a mama.Join the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: FREE access to the Mama Untriggered Starter Kit:

Tuesday Jun 11, 2024

Do the echoes of grief's anguish feel inescapable, each breath a battle against the darkness threatening to extinguish your inner light? For those navigating life's cruelest losses, that sense of being trapped in sorrow's relentless grip is all too familiar – a waking nightmare where hope seems an impossible dream.Yet what if the faintest spark still flickers within, waiting to be fanned into an unstoppable blaze of healing and renewal?This powerful conversation follows Rebekah's courageous journey through the devastation of losing her brother to suicide. Despite being shattered by unimaginable heartbreak, her resilience shines through as she vulnerably shares her path to reclaiming purpose by spreading awareness and compassion. Through the depths of her sorrow, you'll bear witness to:- The subtle signs that may reveal a loved one is struggling, even amidst their brightest smiles- How channeling grief into meaningful projects honoring cherished memories can provide solace- The profound mind-body connection where a mother's trauma can manifest in her unborn child- Practical therapies like horse therapy that facilitate emotional release when words alone cannot heal- The vital importance of extending grace to others and ourselves as we navigate uncharted territories of mourningLinks:Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle: Untriggered: 

Tuesday Jun 04, 2024

The weight of grief can feel suffocating, each breath an arduous battle as the darkness threatens to extinguish your inner light forever. For survivors of suicide loss, that sense of being trapped in shadow's grip is all too familiar – a waking nightmare where hope seems an impossible dream.
But what if the faintest flicker still burns within?
This powerful conversation follows Lisa's courageous journey through the anguish of losing her father to suicide not once, but twice. At 10 years old, she grieved his supposed death from heart failure, only to have the truth about his suicide slowly unveiled decades later. Despite being shattered by this second wave of trauma, Lisa's resilience shines through as she shares her path to reclaiming her voice as a mental health advocate and crisis counselor.
Through vulnerability and hard-won wisdom, you'll gain insight into:
Channeling emotions through creative outlets like journaling to process the unimaginable
The solace of surrounding yourself with a compassionate community to bear witness
Meeting yourself with kindness in the rawness of your pain, not rushing the healing
How boldly choosing to face your fears can be an empowering act of reclaiming agency
Maintaining faith that light awaits, even when the way forward remains shrouded
LINKS:Check out the Mama Untriggered Private Podcast: the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle:

Tuesday May 28, 2024

You know that feeling when the path forward seems shrouded in darkness? When fear whispers that your inner light has been extinguished forever? For survivors of domestic violence, that sense of being trapped in shadow's grip can feel overwhelming.But what if even the faintest flicker still burns within? Victoria's story proves it only takes a spark to ignite an unstoppable blaze of healing and reclamation.This powerful conversation follows her arduous journey escaping an abusive marriage while pregnant. Despite enduring over 100 surgeries from the violence, Victoria found the strength to fight for herself and her daughter, born with special needs. Her raw vulnerability shines a light on the often-overlooked challenges survivors face – from losing their sense of self to navigating a justice system that can fail to protect them.Yet through her advocacy work, Victoria offers hope that healing is possible when we surround ourselves with support. You'll gain insight into:- Practical legal steps like securing medical power of attorney to protect your autonomy- Why fostering self-love and recognizing your immense worth is key to breaking free- The critical importance of feeling your emotions, despite how difficult it can be- How building an understanding community provides vital validation on your journey- Inspiration that growth, a joyful future, and reclaiming your power awaitsLinks-Mama Untriggered- Circle-

Tuesday May 14, 2024

What if creating a happy blended family was easier than you thought? After over 25 years of stepparenting experience, Amy is sharing her best insights on how to set your patchwork clan up for success. Buckle in as she gets vulnerable about her personal journey to understanding her role and taking ownership as a stepmom.
In this candid conversation, Amy stresses the game-changing importance of sitting down early on and clearly defining the responsibilities and boundaries for every member of your family, whether bio parent, stepparent, or child. She explains why it’s vital to pragmatically accept that the bond between biological parents lasts a lifetime – and how denying that truth can wreak havoc.
You’ll also get Amy’s tips if you’re considering entering a relationship with someone who already has kids. And hear examples of how open communication about expectations prevents so much strife down the road.
Here’s what you’ll gain from this stepparenting masterclass:- Clarity on your role as a stepparent and how to nurture positive relationships - A guide to facilitating conversations defining duties for each family member- An understanding of why biological parents maintain a connection - Advice on pragmatically assessing if blending families is right for you - Examples of how candid discussions create alignment and prevent conflictsTo learn more about this and other epiosdes, visit to the Mama Untriggered Private Podcast: the Mamahood After Trauma Inner Circle:

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